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This striking velomobile has four wheels for unrivaled handling and stability, with the added advantage of increased luggage space. 

The two drive wheels in the rear give the Quatrevelo fantastic traction on wet or slick surfaces and help it climb quickly.


The body is 100% carbon composite. The luggage area is easily accessed through the hatch. It is so spacious, the Quatrevelo offers an optional rear seat for a child.

All weather protection with its built in hood and foam ‘kayak” cover

The Quatrevelo has plenty of luggage space for commuting or camping –more than any other velomobile. The main luggage area is easily accessed through a hatch, almost like the trunk of a car. The ample, conveniently-accessed luggage space makes the Quatrevelo one of the most practical velomobiles ever designed.

The main luggage area is so spacious, the Quatrevelo offers an optional rear child seat and windowed luggage hatch. Bring along a little passenger with you!


The Quatrevelo has two high-placed headlights, providing a clear path in the darkness. The LED lamps are heavy on light output and light on power consumption.


The Quatrevelo has multiple luggage hatch options for head-in or head-out cycling, plus the head-in version with windows for the child seat. This gives you the flexibility of choosing a head in or head out seating.   

Want all the options?  No problem! Swapping hatches is a simple process involving 4 screws and one connector. You can change them out in about 5 minutes.

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