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We are passionate out cycling, we wish to develop this mode of transportation for sports, ecological, economical and health.  Most importantly for the delight of our users!

Joel Vincent

Former cyclist to many victories at the age of 17 he is passionate vélocouché and begins to build. In 2009, a first velomobile (waw) comes to enlarge the fleet of “special” vehicles very few still prevalent at the time. Soon, Joel realizes that this machine a real potential, and in 2011 EIRL CyclesJV seen jour.Il took travel thousands of kilometers across the north of Europe to gain the trust of a few manufacturers. Thus, the range of velomobiles vélocouché and has quickly developed as the small business awareness. In early 2012, CyclesJV invests in larger premises better suited to its business. Joel Vincent had to invest and move all over France to discover velomobiles; in parallel,

Christian Fenioux

In 2013,  Christian Fenioux , a track racer with a track record with many world records in track and other medals partners with Joel Vincent, it is the birth of the LLC CyclesJV-Fenioux!

In the process,  David Massot , vélomobiliste seasoned and passionate team joined the mad part of a sandwich course.


Turning radius: 4 m
Front wheels: 20 “
Rear wheels: 26 “
Weight (Carbon Version): 25 kg


276 cm


72 cm


95 cm

Mulsanne is born at the end of 2013.

Patrick Elie, and computer engineer specialized in 3D design offers us to work on a new model. He drove a tricycle lying, then velomobile.

For a year and a half, we have developed together Mulsanne in digital form, the objective was to achieve the best compromise among all existing velomobile, with minimal disadvantages chacuns.

Why the name “Mulsanne”? For the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans is materialized by three cities: Le Mans, Arnage and Mulsanne. Our first race to velomobile thus called “LeMans”, the second “Mulsanne” and can be a neighbor … to be called “Arnage” …!

Noting that currently each velomobile often directed towards one of the two existing extremes, the utility or performance, we decided to combine the two in to a minium weight and maximum rigidity, while providing easy access , comfort, good handling and a very aerodynamic shell.

In this way, the Mulsanne will therefore serve as a daily vehicle while displaying good characteristics, good climber, fast and stable at speed!

JV Cycles we represent, service and repair.

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