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When people think about “Adult trikes” their minds often harken back to a time where they saw “Grandmom” riding a big heavy tricycle with a basket full of groceries on the back ..   These big heavy “delta” style trikes still exist today but — there have been improvements over the years making them sleek, sporty and very very fast. 

    Trikes are fast?  Wait what? 


    • Not only are trikes fast, they can be faster than a regular bike !    On flat roads the aerodynamic advantage of being low to the ground trumps that of the weight and single track of a bicycle  … . Speed and comfort  — No wonder they are not allowed to race  !    Not only are they fast — they  take the pressure off the two main points of contact on a traditional diamond-framed upright bicycle–the butt and the hands.

      Imaging laying in a hammock  or sitting in your favorite chair — all you have to do is pedal  your weight is off of the tiny points of contact and now distributed along your body

      In this more reclining position your hands are naturally at your side  and there is no more pressure on your wrists and palms

    • You are more Aero too ..   It takes years of coaching, and quite a lot of bad posture, to comfortably write in an aerodynamic postion  on a regular bike 

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