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On December 5th 2021 we had 3 great interviews with very knowledgeable guests.  There was a lot of information that we took out to save time and thus it wasn’t broadcast.  But given the huge interest in this topic, we’ve put together this page with links to the full interviews and the guest’s answers to our questions.

Abbreviated Interviews as part of the live video cast on December 5th Laid Back Bike Report

The full interview with Steven Hansen https://www.swhlaw.com/

Steven W. Hansen has been representing bike and e-bike manufacturers, distributors and retailers in product liability matters worldwide since 1986 and provides consultation regarding CPSC, DOT/NHTSA regulatory compliance and product recalls. He also represents individual cyclists in all sorts of cases brought by and against government entities, other riders, and vehicle drivers. Read his full profile here (swhlaw.com/2007/11/profile-of-steven-w-hansen.html). 

The full interview with Charlie Thomas https://huberthomaslaw.com/about-us/our-attorneys/

As a fierce advocate for cyclist’s rights, both in his professional and charitable work, Charlie Thomas makes it his responsibility to ensure individuals have access to justice if they’ve been hurt on the road. He concentrates his legal practice on advocating for those who have sustained personal injuries during bicycle crashes or motor vehicle crashes. Thomas is an accomplished litigator who also helps with matters involving first-party property claims, business torts, as well as class action and multi-district litigation cases.

The Full interview with Steve Magus “Ohio’s Bike Lawyer”  https://www.ohiobikelawyer.com/

Steve has been an Ohio trial lawyer since 1982. He started writing about Ohio’s Bike Laws in the mid-1980’s. I also began collaborating with the League of American Wheelmen [now the League of American Bicyclists] as well as the Ohio Bicycle Federation and the Cincinnati Cycle Club. I had a regular column for many years in the LAW’s “BIKE USA” publication as well as Bike Ohio, Bike Midwest and numerous local club newsletters and publications.

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