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Velomobile Ordering FAQ

FAQ about velomobile ordering

  • Q. Why would I buy from you vs doing this myself ?
    A.We know velomobiles and we’ve shipped and imported more than any other company in the NAFTA region, likely in the western hemisphere. Customs clearance isn’t difficult, but this is a high value item and there are extra steps and fees we eliminate. We also know how to speak their language. So when they want to drill a hole through the side of the box to see if there is something amiss, (this is laughingly called an “enhanced inspection”) we can head that off and try to make sure it doesn’t happen.
  • Q. Does the velomobile have to be shipped to your store first?
    A. No, We can drop ship it anywhere in NAFTA.
  • Q. I’m in Canada
    A. We are customs brokers for Canada too, eh!   
  • Q. I’m in XYZ state, you are in Texas, do I have to pay Texas sales tax?
    A. You don’t pay Texas sales takes for items that are not delivered inside of Texas.  You may have to pay some level of state taxes for states that assess fees on internet orders or imported goods over a certain value.
  • Q. If I want my velomobile to go to your store and then to me, how much extra does that cost?
    A. It depends on where “you” are, but its not very expensive relatively speaking.  Usually less than $1000 by truck. 
  • Q. Is there a deposit required to order a velomobile?
    A. Yes, we ask for a small amount to cover our sales time, management and overhead
  • Q.  If I haven’t received my velomobile can I get my deposit back?
    A. Not unless it’s a quick quit as the order process is time-consuming. 
  • Q. What exchange rate do you use?
    A. A a quotable rate, we use the JP Morgan/Chase midmarket rate
  • Q. The cost of Euro is very low now, can I prepay?
    A. Yes, if you want we can apply as much of a deposit as you want to place to the cost of your velomobile.
  • Q. Do you ship via container or via boat or air?
    A. During CV19, we shipped via container. We have gone back to Ocean LTL or Air Freight. Your choice.  They are about $2200 for Ocean  and $3300 via Air (as of 1/1/2022)  this changes all the time and we will have to get you an individual quote when the time comes
  • Q. What if my velomobile is damaged in transit?
    A  If you bought insurance, great. we can file the claim.  Otherwise, we can fix most issues and if there is a bad problem the insurance will need to replace the machine.   IATA Limits of liability is $20 per KG so plan accordingly
  • Q.I’ve looked on the vendor website and done the maths and your amounts are significantly lower/higher than my calculations with google currency exchange.. what gives?
    A.We do our best to ensure pricing and monetary conversion rates are accurate, however, this is a little bit of art and we are at the mercy of the vendors to tell us about product/pricing changes.  We are also not banks, so we don’t get the interbank rate that you see on the web.    This is why we use a quote and manual invoicing system. Pricing can and will get adjusted during the process to match the then-current prices and rates.  The goal here is for you to pay “about” the same as you would in EURO doing it yourself, but hopefully a little less than that.  We only invoice you for the bike as invoiced to us.