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At Bicycle Evolution we are committed to helping keep our community safe.     For upright “standard”  traditional bicycles there is a host of governing bodies and technical / inspection documents to draw from.     The UCI  being the most famous one of all.   USA Cycling and others have also provided specifications, technical standards and inspection methodologies for bicycling and cyclists.     However, little has been done in the recumbent industry and basically zero for velomobiles.     The closest thing is the work that the HPRa  (Human Power Race America) group has accomplished. 


As such we are providing both technical ‘standards’ documents and technical inspection procedures to the community.  We use these in our own events.   However  one thing to keep in mind is that these vehicles are constantly evolving,  we cannot predict every evolutionary step, nor do we think we should try; if you are a race director, rally director or other kind of event director we implore you to use these documents as they are intended and not to use them to stifle innovation.   We believe that innovation should be rewarded, not curtailed.   Please use you best judgement, along with these guidelines when doing inspections..

We welcome comments, suggestions and improvements to these documents.


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