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Velomobile Ordering Process

Here’s the process for ordering your custom velomobile

1. Pick a velomobile (We’ve got a lot of options here) We’d strongly suggest a test ride at our store beforehand.
2. Pick out the options you want; Our website can help with this.   You can also call or email us any time with questions
3. Request a quote, or you can just check out normally if there are other things you want and your cart will “split” taking the velomobile out and putting it into the quote process.
4. Wait for a reply email .. In this, we check the quote for pricing accuracy and currency conversion issues
5. The reply email will have a link back where you can put the deposit on your velomobile.
6. Now the waiting begins .. we do our best to keep you informed along the way .. Some velomobiles come to us quickly, some take many months. We try to keep this up to date in the product descriptions, but it’s always variable.


Patience matters here,  all velomobiles are hand-made by small companies that care very deeply about their products.   Estimated times vary and we do our best to let you know if there are any significant delays 

7. Once we receive notice about your velomobiles production completion status you will receive another email requesting payment, you need to pay that invoice before it will be released to us for shipping.

8. During this time we will ask how you want it delivered.  We can ship directly to you, a nearby port of entry (airport) or to our store.     Note: since CV19 things have become very busy in the shipping industry, often taking many days to get answers.      INSURANCE IS NOT REQUIRED TO SHIP BUT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. IATA LIMITS OF LIABILITY IS $20 per KG
9. Once the shipping and destination is figured out, we will ask for another payment for the shipping, customs and duties as best we can estimate it
10. When it arrives in the US, customs, duties, and other taxes may be applied. We try to be as accurate as possible with the estimates (in step 9 above), but if there are additional monies owed you will be asked to pay this residual before we can release the velomobile. If we overshot and owe you money we will release the velomobile immediately and refund you the difference.
9. Receive your velomobile. In the unlikely event there is shipping damage call us immediately 24×7 and we will work to resolve the issue.   (leave a message if we don’t pickup, we will get it) 
10. You probably will be out busy riding to read any more steps. Any questions, call us or email us!