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We’ve evolved the bike, not the rider


Fast, efficient, and versatile with protection from the elements (and injury). These machines are the ultimate evolution in human-powered speed and comfort.


Three (or more) wheels provide stability and traction. Go as fast or as slow as you want without worry or pain.

Recumbent Bikes

Built for speed and comfort, so fast they have been banned from UCI racing since 1934!


Want to work with your upper body? We can get you cycling.


We’re well-versed in the classics, and we have the bikes to prove it. We’re focused on your experience, not the design of the bike.


What could be more evolved than a bike that helps you get around with it own power.    Whats an eBike?  Click here to find out !

We Also do repairs of all type of bicycles, tricycles and velomobiles!   Give us a call or drop by to find out more.

We’ve evolved the bike, not the rider

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