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Can we put a motor on your Bike, Trike or Velomobile?

Yes, we can, and there’s plenty of reasons why you should

  • Get where you’re going a bit faster –and sweat a bit less
  • Flow more naturally with stop-and-go traffic –perfect for commuting
  • Move mountains –or at least make the hills seem flatter

But isn’t it cheating to use a motor?

The old adage says, “If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.” In the case of electric bikes, studies show that if you are cheating, you are trying –possibly without even realizing it.

A study by the University of Colorado at Boulder found that commuting with a pedelec ebike resulted in improvements in health and fitness after only four weeks. A more recent study from the University of Basel in Switzerland found that for anyone who is overweight or out of shape, the health benefits of biking with an electric motor are similar to biking without one.

Why? The researchers suggested that the ability to fall back on the motor encouraged eBike riders to go farther and climb higher. They were out on their bike MORE! 

eBikes: Cheat yourself healthy in 4 easy steps

Step 1:

One bike is required. We can find the perfect recumbent bike or trike, or work with you to upgrade perfect bike you already have

Step 2:

With a second power source, your machine is now a human-electric hybrid

Step 3:

Commute three rides per week: Leave the car. Ride to work and barely break a sweat

Step 4:

Continue for four weeks. That’s all it takes to start seeing improvements in cardiovascular health.

What if it breaks down?

don’t worry.  We repair all makes and models of E Drive and E Assist systems.  Our fully trained personnel can work on any type of bike, trike or velomobile you bring us.