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Below is the dimentions of the most common velomobiles we carry ..  They are subject to change over time and any questiosns should be directed to us for confirmation 

Intercity bike DF/DFxL


Early DFs have a 12V NiCd battery pack with Tamiya connector.  The diagram is similar but not quite the same as this one.  

Currently Lupine  batteries are used, 7.4V and have their own type waterproof connecter.  In the conversion to the Lupine cells, the main switch and fuse were removed.  The Lupine packs have their own short circuit protection.   It is therefore advisable to add (at the minimum) a fuse to protect other batteries against short circuits 

The system will regulate input  from from 6 to 12V. 


Raderw0rks Milan

Quest (12v) System

Quest (6v) system


Quatrevelo Wiring Diagram




It is very similar to the Quest 12v system (even the drawing shows three wheels)


Source: http://www.velomobiel.nl/handleidingen/9.0_Wiring_diagram_12V_2016_web.pdf



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