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Recumbent cycles are fast .. safe, aerodynamically superior, comfortable and affordable

Why don’t we see more people riding them on the streets?  The answer lies in cycling history. A great perspective on this can be found at this link.   

    Recumbents are Safe? fast?


    • Braking distance is about ½ that of upright bicycles, and the possibility of going over the handlebars is eliminated. This is a result of the low center of gravity, and the 45% front / 55% rear weight distribution of the Lightning design. Additionally, the seat height and your eye level is similar to that of an average sedan. This fact, plus the upright head position, gives good visibility in traffic, and permits car drivers direct eye contact so they notice you more readily; as a result, safety is maximized.
    • The close proximity of the cranks to the front wheel means your feet may hit the front wheel during slow, sharp turns. With practice, it is possible to make slow turns. In any event, this is a problem only below 6 mph. Also, pedal extenders are available which make this much less of a problem.
    • Due to the different seat position, it takes a few minutes to learn the balance of a recumbent bicycle. . Most people are riding with no problem after one day. It will take somewhat longer for your muscles to become accustomed to the different position and develop an efficient cadence. Clipless pedals and shoes make riding very efficient. After one month, most riders are proficient enough to surpass their best performance on a standard bike.
    • Because the seat is fixed to the frame, the crankset adjusts back and forth to accommodate riders of different heights.
    • Because of the high bottom bracket, your feet will NEVER scrape the ground while cornering.
    • Also because of the high bottom bracket, your pedals will NEVER strike the curb while riding close to the edge of the road.
    • The long chain gives the benefit of NEVER having to adjust the front derailleur while shifting the rear derailleur.

    We sell a lot of different brands of recumbent bikes .. they are as unique machines as they are to how they fit you .  



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