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We’ve evolved the bike, not the rider

When we started asking people especially former cyclists and people that ride with kids, Why don’t you ride?   one of the reasons which came up time and time again was the fear of breakdowns, or costly bike repairs.     With our ‘keepin’ you rolling’ plans,  we can take away this concern.   With bike maintenance including wear items covered with parts and labor for as long as you are with us.   Not only that but you can have access to our coaching and indoor rides too! 


** terms and conditions apply, see the full program documents for details.


The below is a preliminary view of our plans.  Check back with us for the final terms, conditions and pricing

Platinum Plan

With this plan you are 100% covered with bicycle failures.    From spokes, to tires, to brakes,  we have you covered in almost every way.    You have a flat, we replace the tube, tires worn down, no problem.      Want to get faster?  Our coaching staff is available to you to analyize your rides, help your technique, or come inside when its raining for a workout with us, any time the doors are open.    Oh yeah —   Repairing your bike, keeping you healthy and on the road. Thats our job

Gold Plan

With this plan, the labor, some of the most expensive parts of bike repairs are covered.   Need us to change a tire, replace a spoke, or any tune up, thats on us.  You’ll have to pick up the parts though.    You also get access to up to two indoor training rides or flash rides a week.

Silver Plan

Up to 3 classes or flash rides a month (1 per week) and one coaching /computer set up per quarter.  You get a discount on the labor for bike repairs and maintenance